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Cuba Incentives, your DMC for Cuba! Cuba Incentives, your DMC for Cuba!

Cuba Incentives, your DMC for Cuba! Cuba Incentives, your DMC for Cuba!

Cuba Incentives, your DMC for Cuba! Cuba Incentives, your DMC for Cuba!

Cuba Incentives, your DMC for Cuba! Cuba Incentives, your DMC for Cuba!

Cuba Incentives, your DMC for Cuba! Cuba Incentives, your DMC for Cuba!

Cuba Incentives, your DMC for Cuba! Cuba Incentives, your DMC for Cuba!
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Sustainability Policy

Sustainability Policy of Cuba Incentives

At Cuba Incentives we believe that we have to cherish the world we live in.

As individuals and as a company we want to preserve the world and it’s resources so we can leave a beautiful, healthy planet for future generations to enjoy.

In Cuba sustainability is not high on the priority list, as most people are just trying to cope and do their best with the limited resources that are available. Despite this, we at Cuba Incentives aim to minimize the negative and maximize the positive social, environmental and economic impacts that travel can bring. To achieve this, we have partnered up with leading sustainable tourism initiatives and organizations in order to reach a higher level of sustainability management.

Cuba Incentives understand that sustainability is a continuous and ongoing process, in which improvement is always possible. However we are proud of our achievements to date and firmly commit to the following.

-        Equal standards for everybody

  • At all the Cuba Incentives offices* we believe in fair and fulfilling work which includes, but is not limited to the following :
    • All our employees receive a fair contract, according to Dutch law.
    • All our employees have the right to paid holidays.
    • All our employees work here out of their own free will.
    • Our female employees have the right to paid maternity leave.
    • We appreciate and respect all people, no matter what their background, ethnicity, gender, age and religious believes.
    • We do not tolerate child labor.
    • All our employees receive a daily free lunch provided by the company**.
  • In our main office in The Netherlands** we have a Health & Safety policy in place for all employees. This means that we aim to provide a healthy and safe workplace for our employees in order to avoid any accidents. Our Health & Safety policy can be found <<here>>.

We are constantly working on improving our working conditions for our employees.

-        Responsible use of resources

  • At all Cuba Incentives offices (where possible) we aim to reduce all waste we produce, but also the usage of energy & water.
    • Reducing paper and disposableswas one of the main aims in our offices.
      • We have almost completely eliminated paper in our office in the Netherlands and Curaçao**. We have achieved this by investing in wide screen monitors for all staff and setting up a system to easily check and review (pending) bookings, thus eliminating the need to print out requests, and store them in a file cabinet while pending. We only print the bare necessities.
    • We have reduced the amount of disposables (paper / plastic cups / plates) by replacing them with china- and glassware.
    • At all Cuba Incentives offices, wherever possible, we minimize the usage of energy. For this we use different methods and approaches
      • When leaving the office, we always shut down all appliances (where applicable).
      • Most areas in the office have censors for automatic lighting.
      • When leaving the office, all lights and sensors are switched off. 
      • When buying new appliances we look for an energy efficient option rather than the cheapest.
      • Lights in the office are either already energy efficient fluorescent lamps, or will be replaced by LEDS in the near future.
      • We open windows for fresh air, rather than using air conditioning units.
    • At all Cuba Incentives offices, where possible, we aim to minimize the usage of water. Whilst we only use water for the necessities in our offices (drinking, watering plants and washing hands) we are looking into ways to reduce its use. 
      • We are looking into our options to replace toilets for water efficient models.
    • At all Cuba Incentives offices, wherever possible, we minimize and recycle our waste.
      • We have separate bins for; paper waste, plastic bottles, aluminum & glass cans and one for other waste. 
      • Food waste is fed to animals.
      • Rechargeable batteries are used throughout the office.
      • Printing is set on default for draft mode and an extra ink saving mode to save on ink and, wherever possible we print double sided. 

 -        Sustainable purchasing

  • In the Cuba Incentives office in the Netherlands** we purchase with sustainability in mind.
    • Products that we buy (paper, food, beverages, cleaning supplies) comply to at least one of the following requirements;
      • Locally produced.
      • Fair-Trade.
      • Environmentally friendly.
      • Organic.
      • Eco-Labelled.
      • FSC.
    • We buy in bulk, to reduce packaging.

 -        Staff travel policy

  • In the Cuba Incentives office in the Netherlands** we encourage our staff to come by bike or by public transportation. We do this by raising awareness of the environmental impact that other methods of transportation have.

We are constantly looking into ways to encourage our staff to use more sustainable forms of transportation and are looking into ways of compensating our staff travelling by bike or public transportation.

The above is what we do in the offices of Cuba Incentives, but our mission does not end there. As we operate in Cuba, our mission is to make Cuba a more sustainable destinations. This commitment begins with us as a company, but extends to our suppliers.

As mentioned above, in Cuba sustainability is not on the top priority list, often more sustainable alternatives simply do not exist.

Major part of Cuba’s draw is its beautiful natural environment. Fortunately Cuba has very strict laws regarding the preservation of its natural environment. To illustrate this, 25% of its marine habitat is protected. Two of Cuba’s national parks are on the UNESCO World Heritage List, along with other important cultural sites.

In Cuba, schools are also free, and Cubans are obliged to attend school untill they are at least 16 years old. After that children can continue with their studies or enter work. This stimulates people to go to school, and study. In Cuba the literacy rate is 100%.

What Cuba lacks at the moment, is material goods. Often there is just one type of monitor to buy for the office. There is no variety, where you can make a choice based on how efficient the product is or what the power usage is. The same is true with options waste management.

However, we commit to engaging our suppliers regarding sustainability management and will endeavor to keep track of changes occurring in Cuba to assist our suppliers in their road to greater sustainability.  In the meantime, we commit to engaging our client and advising them on more sustainable options wherever possible.

-        Sustainable transport

  • While in Cuba the methods of transportation are limited, we have insisted with our local suppliers that they offer public bus tickets. These busses are considered as the most sustainable way of traveling as they transport a lot of people at once. Here at Cuba Incentives we will continue to look for more sustainable forms of transport.

 -        Sustainable accommodations

  • We promote the use of ‘casa particulares’ or homestays. These casa particulares are already a very big part of our accommodation bookings, and we will continue to promote them.
  • We also promote the use of small scale non all-inclusive hotels.  All-inclusive hotels tend to create a lot of waste, especially in the food & beverage department, while smaller B&B’s often create less waste.

 -        Sustainable excursions

  • We offer and promote excursions that are organized by individuals rather than by the government companies. By doing so, locals from the area are employed. These locals know more about the destination whilst being motivated to conserve their local environments.
  • We commit to protecting flora and fauna by only organizing excursions that do not cause any harm or damage to either.
  • We do not offer any excursions or tours to crocodile farms or to any zoo in Cuba.
  • We have successfully eliminated dolphin excursions. We do not offer dolphin encounters anymore.  All our partners have been informed about this change, and they cannot book the encounters anymore. The information about these encounters has also been removed from our information documents in Cuba.

 -        Product information

  • All information and prices we provide about our products to our partners are clear, complete and accurate.

 -        Marketing & advertising

  • At Cuba Incentives we believe in the most sustainable form of marketing which is word of mouth. We have no active marketing campaigns nor are we planning on doing so in 2018. Should we advertise, we will keep up with all advertising standards and promise what we can deliver and no more.

The only advertising that we have is a small banner in a magazine from a local foundation for sporting people that have/had cancer, as a sign of support.


*We have offices in the Netherlands, Curaçao and Cuba.
**Other offices to follow in the near future.

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